About Us

Avidity Technologies, Inc. is a multi-talented Information Technology (IT) firm of technicians and creatives, providing solutions and serving clients without limits. We provide solutions that help our clients thrive. Avidity eagerly delivers a reliable managed IT service plan and support that our clients can trust, offers options for Cloud-based solutions and virtual servers, provide VPN and remote access, and reliable backup solutions.

Our technology services include Network Management, System Integration, Cyber Security, Audio-Visual Installation and Support, IT for Healthcare, IT for Government, and Enterprise Consulting.

With our proven success in industries ranging from healthcare providers to government agencies, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, efficient and innovative technology services.

Our unique combination of information technology strategies keeps our client’s information secure while implementing management solutions that promote company growth. We are a company providing services without limits. Our staff includes technicians and creatives, with network specialists, installers, systems administrators, help desk support, graphic designers, content creators, editors, social media strategists, and photographers. Avidity Technologies is WBE, MBE, CCNA, CCMP, and MCSE certified.

Career Opportunities

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