District 205
Bus Routes

Thursday, March 30, 2023
  •  AFLS – Academy for Learning
  •  TR – Thornridge
  •  TRS – Thornridge Special Education
  •  TRS V1A– Thornridge Special Education Van 1
  •  TT– Thornton
  •  TT V2– Thornton Special Education Van 2
  •  TTS– Thornton Special Education
  •  TW– Thornwood
  •  TWS– Thornwood Special Education
Bus reference ▾ Collapse
AM BusAM StatusAM ReasonMD BusMD StatusMD ReasonPM BusPM StatusPM Reason
AFLS 1On TimeTWM 1On TimeAFLS 1On Time
AFLS 2On TimeTWM 2On TimeAFLS 2On Time
AFLS VOn TimeTWM 3On TimeAFLS VOn Time
TR 40On TimeTR 40On Time
TR 41On TimeTR 41On Time
TR 42On TimeTR 42On Time
TR 43On TimeTR 43On Time
TR 44On TimeTR 44On Time
TR ALG2On TimeTR ALG2On Time
TRS 1On TimeTRS 1On Time
TRS 2On TimeTRS 2On Time
TRS 3On TimeTRS 3On Time
TRS V1AOn TimeTRS V1AOn Time
TT 55On TimeTT 55On Time
TT 56Combinedwith route 65TT 56Combinedwith routes 65/60/67
TT 57On TimeTT 57Combinedwith route 66
TT 58Combinedwith route 63TT 58Combinedwith route 63
TT 59Combinedwith route 72TT 59Combinedwith route 72
TT 60On TimeTT 60On Time
TT 61Combinedwith route 64TT 61Combinedwith route 64
TT 62On TimeTT 62On Time
TT 63On TimeTT 63On Time
TT 64On TimeTT 64On Time
TT 65On TimeTT 65On Time
TT 66On TimeTT 66On Time
TT 67Combinedwith route 60TT 67On Time
TT 68On TimeTT 68On Time
TT 69Combinedwith route 62TT 69Combinedwith route 62
TT 70On TimeTT 70On Time
TT 71On TimeTT 71On Time
TT 72On TimeTT 72On Time
TT 73On TimeTT 73On Time
TT 74Combinedwith route 70TT 74Combinedwith route 70
TT V1AOn TimeTT V1AOn Time
TT V2AOn TimeTT V2AOn Time
TT ALG1On TimeTT ALG1On Time
TT ALG2On TimeTT ALG2On Time
TTS 1Combinedwith route TTS 2TTS 1Combinedwith route TTS 2
TTS 2On TimeTTS 2On Time
TTS 3On TimeTTS 3On Time
TTS 4On TimeTTS 4On Time
TW 01On TimeTW 01On Time
TW 02On TimeTW 02On Time
TW 03On TimeTW 03On Time
TW 04On TimeTW 04On Time
TW 05On TimeTW 05DelayedARRIVAL TIME 3:00-3:15
TW 06On TimeTW 06On Time
TW 07On TimeTW 07On Time
TW 08On TimeTW 08DelayedARRIVAL TIME 3:00-3:15
TW 09Combined164TH & JUSTINE will be picked up by TW 03TW 09On Time
TW 10On TimeTW 10DelayedARRIVAL TIME 3:00-3:15
TW 11On TimeTW 11On Time
TW 12On TimeTW 12On Time
TW 13On TimeTW 13On Time
TW 14On TimeTW 14On Time
TW 15On TimeTW 15On Time
TW 16On TimeTW 16On Time
TW 17On TimeTW 17On Time
TW 18On TimeTW 18On Time
TW 19On TimeTW 19On Time
TW 20On TimeTW 20On Time
TW ALG1On TimeTW ALG1On Time
TW CTE1On TimeTW CTE1On Time
TWS 01On TimeTWS 01On Time
TWS 02On TimeTWS 02On Time
TWS 03On TimeTWS 03On Time
TWS 04On TimeTWS 04On Time
TWS 05On TimeTWS 05On Time
TWS 06On TimeTWS 06On Time
TWS 07On TimeTWS 07On Time
TWS 08On TimeTWS 08On Time
TWS 09On TimeTWS 09On Time
TWS 10On TimeTWS 10On Time
RW 1On TimeRW 1On Time
ICC 1On TimeICC 1On Time
PEACE 1DelayedSUB DRIVER the route might be late by 5-10 minutesPEACE 1On Time
PEACE 2On TimePEACE 2On Time
RISE 1On TimeRISE 1On Time
RISE 2On TimeRISE 2On Time
RISE 3On TimeRISE 3On Time
RISE 4On TimeRISE 4On Time
RISE 5DelayedSUB DRIVER the route might be late by 5-10 minutesRISE 5On Time