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Online Presence that reflects who you are to the marketplace

When your audience visits your website, it gives them their first impression of your business. They will judge your business within seconds. In these first few seconds, you want to make a positive impact on your audience. The first place people visit when they are making a decision or getting to know you as an organization is your website. Sometimes people think that just opening a Wix account or a Squarepage website template can save you for the day, but you need a proven marketing tool that is strategized, that understands the right marketing tools, composition, branding that can help you to make sure you are presenting the right image for success in the marketplace. To get started, request a Discovery Meeting today.

What we offer?


The design adapts to all types of devices (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)

SEO optimization

Content optimization techniques on the site to index it to search engines.

Loading Speed

Optimization of web elements so that their loading times are minimal


Protection against potentially harmful attacks, as well as protection against SPAM


Adaptation and compliance with the RGPD Rules according to your business and location

Hosting and Domain

We have powerful servers to host all kinds of websites, with the best prices on the market

Web maintenance

Real-time monitoring of the status of websites. Periodic backup saves, disaster recovery, migration, resource updates, among others

Content Writing

We create and edit all kinds of content for your website. We have professional Copywriting services

Multi language

Exploit the bilingual market, make your business reach everyone. We improve the user experience with content in English and Spanish.

Social Network

We create or manage your social networks. Creation of digital marketing campaigns aimed at enhancing your brand and increasing investment returns

How we do it?

Avidity works side-by-side from the beginning. We pay special attention to all the details, we take into account all of your recommendations, and we define the development, implementation, testing, and start-up times of your web project. Finally, we discuss all the technical and content details of your website.

We save you time and money.

From the beginning, you must provide Avidity with all the information related to your business in digital format. If you do not have it, our team can take care of digitizing all the content that will be placed on the website.

It is very important for you to know that at any time Avidity can offer you suggestions for changes and improvements to the user experience, operation or design of your website. We humbly ask you to be receptive to any changes that we suggest. Remember, we work hard to make your website outperform your competition. 


Feel comfortable, enjoy the trip and have fun creating with us


How long does it take to make a website?

It all depends on the type of website to be developed, and the amount of information that is planned to be published. Notwithstanding this, our development and implementation times are as follows:

  • Landing Pages: 72 hours to 5 days
  • Corporate Website: 4 to 6 weeks *
  • Online Store: 5 to 8 weeks **

* The development times of corporate websites may vary depending on the amount of information and pages that the client needs to create.

** In the case of virtual stores, times could change depending on the number of products to be introduced in the first stage of development.

Is web maintenance necessary?

Having a website is not enough, without having technical support that guarantees security updates, stability, availability and recovery in the event of a disaster in the event of any security breach that destroys your website.

Your Website is protected against possible Malicious Script attacks hosted on the BotNet, as well as direct attacks by malicious people, whose objective is to destroy your Website.

Multiple protections are applied, among which we can highlight: SPAM, SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), among many others.

We guarantee the stability and functionality of your website 24/7/365

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