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Network Management

Connectivity is more valuable to today’s businesses than ever. Partly, this is because many business-critical operations are happening online. Employees are connecting using collaborative software. Customers are seeking support and placing orders online. At the same time, suppliers and partners are transmitting data online. All their success depends on network capacity and reliability. This, and the increased adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud, is putting pressure on network management.

Network managers are finding it tough to align network bandwidth to demand and understand what’s connected to their IT network. That’s why many enterprises are moving toward the managed services model for network management. Managed network services give you better control of network issues. Also, they provide you with expertise to mitigate risks arising in the network.


Client Challenge

Network Management

Client needs to connect multiple municipal buildings on one unified network to access multiple services at different locations.

System Integration

The client was in need of seamless functionality of multiple critical applications, including billing, claims and patient management

Data Protection

Data loss due to hard drive failure
Damaged Operating System
Ransomware and data encryption

Avidity Solution

Network Management

We established a secure mesh network across multiple sites using air fiber antennas.

System Integration

Interfaces were developed, allowing independent systems to communicate and work collectively.

Data Protection

Synchronization of your information with security backup in our Acronis cloud. This allows us to restore any damaged computer or data of our clients in a matter of a few hours. 100% Guaranteed and Reliable!

What Are Network Management Services?

Network management involves the monitoring and maintenance of a business’s information technology. You can have an in-house network management team or hire the services of network management providers. Vendors of network management services provide a wide range of services:

  • Implementing upgrades
  • Monthly status reporting
  • User administration
  • Network maintenance
  • Network troubleshoot

All this helps you assess the network’s performance and optimize operations.

Network management services include providing solutions to different components of the network.

  • Network administration: This covers tracking of network resources, such as switches, servers, and routers. Software updates and performance monitoring are also part of network administration.
  • Network maintenance: This includes fixes and upgrades to network resources. Remediation activities and proactive measures are executed here. They may include replacing switches, routers, or other network gears.
  • Network operation: This ensures the smooth running of the network. The network manager closely monitors activities to identify and fix issues as they happen.
  • Network provisioning: Often, you’ll need to configure network resources to support the requirements of specific services. Network provisioning lets you do that. For instance, you can increase bandwidth requirements to accommodate more users.

Benefits of Network Management Services

Network management is the first step to maintaining system performance, identifying areas of improvement, and ensuring availability. What are some of the main benefits of network management services?

Benefit 1: Keeping Your Data Safe at All Times

The consequences of data loss are far-reaching. Thus, the organization needs a network management system to create automated, centralized backups for network systems.

The strength of network solutions is that they keep backups synchronized even if your systems are spread across different parts of the world. And they allow members to access other servers within their team in real time by providing a secure set of protocols to work with.

Benefit 2: Identifying Security Threats and Enhancing Network Security

Cybercrime has become rampant, especially because businesses are increasingly collaborating and working remotely. Most attacks are complicated to trace. Thus, it’s critical to detect and mitigate network threats before they escalate. Maintaining continued network security requires continuously updating security patches and maintaining standardized security settings on all workloads.

Managed network services empower you to protect the organization’s systems and data. They have packages that protect network systems from malware, viruses, inappropriate web content, spam, and intrusions. More than that, such systems keep business-critical applications, transactions, and data secure and safe with policy-secure configurations.

Benefit 3: Saving Money

Network management systems monitor all software and hardware within a network environment. This saves time and lets you and your colleagues concentrate on achieving core business goals. Also, network management services providers can save you costs with their strong network management skills. Such experts keep themselves updated with the latest advances in the network industry. Without a doubt, they’re a safe bet to preventing IT infrastructure downtime and helping you enhance productivity.

You already know that IT downtimes are costly. In fact, Gartner estimates the average cost of network downtime at $5,600 per minute.

Benefit 4: Having a Proactively Managed Network

Misconfigured software, security breaches, power outages, or faulty networking hardware can all harm the organization. Network management systems use responsive maintenance services and proactive monitoring tools to help you avoid such risks.

With proactive system monitoring, system administrators identify issues such as abnormal network traffic quickly and revolve them before they become a burden. Furthermore, network management services providers identify weaknesses of the network infrastructure using historical and real-time statistics and act accordingly.

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Wy I do need a Network Management Services?

It is impossible to list the number of reasons why it is essential, or rather, mandatory to have Network Management Services. For this reason we will only mention a group of reasons that we consider the most important that can make you reflect on why it is important to hire specialized people in this area.

1- Maintenance and stability of network services and infrastructure.
2- Troubleshooting in a short time that may affect the availability of your network and all users connected to it.
3- Increase the security and reliability of your network.
4- Improvements and increased network visibility.
5- Saving time and money.
6- Periodic security updates.
7- Monitoring and control of events.
8- Planning and execution of proactive actions that minimize the risk of network vulnerabilities and problems.

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